Essay about The Divine Comedy

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Alighieri’s most famous literary work is likely his epic poem The Divine Comedy. This epic poem is divided into three parts: Inferno, Purgatorio, and Paradiso. The most popular of these segments is Inferno, which has been translated numerous times in several different languages. Inferno is about the main character, named Dante, and his journey through the different circles of hell with his guide Virgil. Hell is divided into nine main circles, each one pertaining to a specific sin. With each sin, there is a unique punishment that each of the souls in that circle must endure for eternity. The more deplorable the sin is, the worse the punishment is. Most of these punishments are extremely unsettling at the least and horrific at the worst. However, most of these punishments seem to fit the sin relatively fairly. The impression many readers may get is that God is not overtly lenient towards those who have committed certain sins but is also not incredibly vengeful.
The first circle of hell is a good example of God being a tough but fair figure. This circle is for the souls of good people who did not accept God when they were alive, and for those who were never baptized. The punishment in this circle is that the souls are in a constant state of emptiness because they will never go to heaven and meet God. The author writes, “there were no wails but just sounds of sighs/rising and trembling through the timeless air…” (canto iv lines 26-27). This indicates that the souls suffer no…

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