Taking My Health Risk Assessment Essay

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When taking my health risk assessment, I found that overall my personal wellness score was a 99. This was a good score and based on the assessment, I am on track to a healthy lifestyle. Things that I need to keep doing is maintain my weight, not use tobacco products, wear a seatbelt, keep my LDL within the healthy range, and keep eating a diet high in fiber. Some things I need to change are exercising three to five times a week and reduce the amount of fat in your diet (see Appendix A). This was not surprising to find because when I went to the doctor and got my yearly physical, the doctor told me the same thing when he received my blood test results. My good cholesterol was kind of low when they ran my blood exams, which is not that good, so the doctor really pushed for me to eat healthier and exercise. This is not just an individual health concern but also runs in my family since my grandparents suffer from hypertension and high cholesterol. Exercising and eating a healthy diet is the key way to lower the risks of getting these diseases in the long run. My main health risk is getting hypertension (see Appendix A). This a great risk, not only because my grandpa and grandma have it, but because “women are about as likely as men to develop high blood pressure at some point during their lives”. (CDC). The fact that I can be at high risk for hypertension due to genetic factors and can be at an even higher risk if I also live an unhealthy lifestyle really drove my behavioral…

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