Zoos And The Conservation Of Wild Life Worldwide Essay

2001 Words Dec 4th, 2016 9 Pages
It’s a place where you can connect to the wilderness. See the most ferocious of beasts up close and personal while on the other side is the cutest animal you have ever seen. Where can you see all of this? At a zoo, of course! Zoos have hundreds of different kinds of animals to observe, but that is not what they are all about. Humans are responsible for so many animals going extinct. It is now our responsibility to preventing these extinctions is crucial maintain biodiversity and ecosystems. Zoos are taking on part of this responsibility by playing a key role in conserving animals. Zoos play a crucial role in conserving wildlife. Zoos are a great necessity in the conservation of wild life worldwide. Zoos were first established in 1826 in London. The main purpose was to study exotic species. There was a lack of funds which lead to an entrance fee to support the facility, research, and educational activities in the zoo. From there the interest in exotic animals grew therefore, more zoos were created. By the 1990s there were over 10,000 zoos all around the world (Ballantyne, 367-368). Over the years zoos have changed dramatically. The first zoos typically had what is referred to as generation 1-2 exhibits. These are when the animals are in cages with easy access to the visitors. These exhibits are negative for both animal welfare and negative for the visitor. Zoos then when to what is known as generation 3 exhibits which try to promote a natural habitat for…

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