How Does Income Inequality Impact The Health Status Of A Community / Individual?

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The main question that I will be addressing is ‘How does income inequality impact the health status of a community/individual?’. In the article ‘Effect of Income Inequality on Health Status in a Selection of Middle and Low Income Countries’ written by Elnaz Hajebi and Javad Razmi, it is argued that income inequality reduces the health status in the poorest areas. That is, population in areas with lower socioeconomic status tend to have a much lower health status then areas that are developed. There are many secondary questions that could be analyzed regarding this topic since there are many external variables and scenarios that could change the final outcome. Another question that is crucial to cover is ‘Are there other factors that may affect levels of income that in turn affect health status?’. That is, must we consider other variable then just simply looking at income and health. According to Hajebi, there is a positive correlation between education levels and health status(Hajebi, 2014, 135). Since more education leads to higher average incomes, we are able to say that there is some sort of correlation between income inequality and health status. Also, not only is income level relevant to the health status of an individual but also the amount of savings an individual has(Hajebi, 2014, 135) The main policy implication within these three papers revolves around a possible way to increase health status overall and to eliminate health inequalities within a society. There are…

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