Essay on The Health Of Rivers And Oceans

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Our habits of production and consumption are linked to pollution and waste. However, in a world where must of our economic growth is intimately linked with the environment and its natural resources, and as humanity is realizing that our actions are destroying our earth, the environmental health of nature, rivers, and oceans have never been so important. Therefore, the importance to realize that earth and its resources are here to help us, but no to serve us, it’s our mission and responsibility.
The health of rivers and oceans are extremely important to our survival, in other words, we’re the ones who depend on it. Rivers and oceans are important for the economy, since small and big business utilize it to ship and to fish, and they are important to people who drink the water that comes from them. Even though we know the importance of it, the major environmental problem apparent when studying rivers and oceans is pollution. Consequently, pollution leads to contamination and biodiversity loss of animals.
Humans have been causing pollution of the rivers and oceans by throwing garbage and chemicals in the waters. In Delhi, for example, “people discharges wastewater directly into the Yamuna River – the source of drinking water for some 57 million people” (Tortajada, Cecilia, and Asit K. Biswas) or in China where the river of Wenzhou has become red due to water pollution (Business Insider). All of this excess of trash and chemicals in the oceans and rivers leads to the…

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