Water Pollution In Africa Essay

Many places across the globe are being affected by severe environmental changes. Water is something humans cannot live without and when it is polluted there becomes major problems with human’s health. Water pollution is a huge issue in a variety of areas in the world but especially small communities in Africa. These communities are suffering with limited fresh water. The scale of water pollution is somewhat vast in these communities as diamond mining is a huge driver of this problem. “With respect to human health, the most direct and most severe impact is the lack of improved sanitation, and related to it is the lack of safe drinking water” (Schwarzenbach, R et.al, 2010).

SCALE. Water pollution can occur in many sources of water especially in rivers, lakes, groundwater and oceans. Communities and villages drink and use these contaminated and polluted waters, as they may have no other option. Many villages do not have any way of gathering clean water, for example wells. Clean water is a huge aspect of people’s daily lives, as they need
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There is a great chance it is going to get worse and people are going to get sicker as years go on and populations grow. Children are not going to live past the age of five and parents will not have enough money to afford clean water. There are many programs and organizations trying to help these villages in Africa. The Water Wells For Africa (WWFA) has a mission and it states, WWFA promotes rural African community development by providing sustainable water sources and reducing health risks associated with contaminated water. This is a good mission as sustainable water is something everybody should be able to enjoy in life. Easy access to freshwater seems impossible for some families. There are various life threatening environmental issues in the world and people shouldn’t have to suffer. Something needs to be

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