Three Gorges Dam Water Pollution Essay

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Augie Sylk Period 4
Water Pollution along the Yangtze Before and After the Construction of the Three Gorges Dam

Water pollution is when the contamination of water for example oceans, rivers, ponds, lakes and other forms of water are effected by the pollution of water. Most water pollution is caused by human activities and mostly without a good cleaning or filtering system. Water pollution occurs mostly over time when the particles and specific chemicals that make up water become contaminated. Then leading them to either becoming directly or sometimes indirectly filtered into the water. Countries with poor economic systems or lack of understanding of what exactly is going on, seem to take the biggest hit in water pollution,
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When ended up in bodies of water they attach to see life mostly containing plants and algae. Speeding bad bacteria to plants leading to a lack of oxygen then leading to death. Surface water pollution is one of the main types of pollution found mostly in oceans and rivers. Surface water pollution starts when people dump trash into the ocean. This usually starts on residential streets and with rain or high intensity winds in pushed into the sand or on beaches and then finally flushed into the ocean. Surface water pollution also can come into effect when sewages are filled with trash that later end up in the ocean. Oxygen Depleting pollution is when micro organism including mostly aerobic organisms such as bacteria, fungus and most other plants living in the ocean or other main bodies of water lose oxygen and become more susceptible to catching bad bacteria and loosing the little oxygen they need to survive. When oxygen becomes depleted also known as loss of oxygen the organism growth is more designated to grow and produce more harmful toxins that affect the plants and water quality around them. Some harmful toxins include sulfides and

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