Causes Of Marine Pollution Essay

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From plastic cups to the carbon dioxide coming from your car, the waste that is produced on land ends up reaching the oceans. Marine pollution is defined by the Group of Experts on Scientific Aspects of Marine Pollution (GESAMP) as: “the introduction by man, directly or indirectly, of substances or energy into the marine environment resulting in such deleterious effects as harm to living resources, hazards to human health, hindrance to marine activities including fishing, impairment of quality for use of sea water, and reduction of amenities”. We understand what the meaning is, but do we know how much of the effect it really does cause? Have you ever imagined a world where one day the water will be overly polluted it would dangerous to drink? …show more content…
One of the top reasons is sewage, in which polluting substances flow through the sewage and goes right into the ocean. The release of chemical nutrients leads to the reduction in oxygen levels, as well as a serious decline in the quality of sea water and that affects the life of plants and animals.
Ship pollution is one of the large sources of ocean pollution with oil spills being the largest effect. Marine animals are generally suffocated from oil spills because crude oil lasts in the water for years and is extremely toxic to marine life. It is also very challenging to clean up the spill, so it is never touched and just remains in the water. Littering is one of the top reasons why marine pollution is so high nowadays. Since plastic debris can’t be decomposed, it remains in the ocean for years which means that animals can mistaken it for food, slowly killing them over a period of time. Turtles, dolphins, fish and crabs are just some of the animal’s that are harmed with the act of littering. The International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution of the Sea by Oil was concluded 30 years ago and was the first attempt taken seriously to cope with the increase of marine pollution. Since then, pollution of the seas by oil, chemicals, nuclear waste has continued to grow and has caused much more serious
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As mentioned earlier, marine animals are victims of marine pollution and toxic waste can be blamed for it. Toxic waste such as oil spills can cause long-term effects on marine life which includes cancer, failure in the reproductive system, behavioural change and death. Oxygen levels in the water are constantly decreasing which is caused by the debris not having the ability to decompose and uses the oceans oxygen as a way to degrade. The result of oxygen levels

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