Waterborne diseases

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  • Waterborne Diseases Research Paper

    Water Shortage: Waterborne Diseases The aspect of water security I choose to focus on is water pollution, specifically waterborne diseases. Waterborne diseases such as polio, cholera, hepatitis, and dysentery are awful diseases and considerably debilitating and in some cases fatal. These diseases are caused by highly pathogenic waterborne bacteria such as Clostridium botulinum, Vibrio cholerae, Shigella dysenteriae, and Salmonella typhi. The World Health Organization attributes the mortality of water associated diseases to over 5 million people a year, with 1.5 million of those deaths being children1. More than half of these deaths are caused by microbial infections, with cholera infections being the most common1. While generally considered rare in developed countries such as the US, waterborne diseases are extremely common in the developing world due to the lack of access to clean water or lower standard of regulations in water tables. The greatest risk of infection comes from ingesting water that has been contaminated with feces, human or animal2. Wastewater runoff from animal agriculture farms may be a major source of fecal microorganism contamination, mainly dangerous waterborne…

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  • Water Appropriation

    This later extended to other parts of the world. The main reasons for the pipeline water supply were to provide clean drinking water from the lakes or rivers. However, the water was not initially treated. The reason was because the relationship between diseases and waterborne pathogens had not been established. Later on, filtration and chlorination became a center of focus which drastically caused a reduction in typhoid and cholera ailments. In the rapidly growing cities, the capacity of water…

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  • Water Pollution In China Research Paper

    Many people don’t know whether there are the toxin in the animal they eat or not because most of the people buy the meat from other place. Therefore; many of them died. Many of them also died due to the waterborne disease; waterborne disease is the disease cause by coming into contact with the infected water source. Infectious disease such as typhoid and cholera can be contracted from drinking contaminated water; this is called microbial water pollution (Azeem). The organs that most affected…

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  • Research Paper On Solar Water Pasteurization

    Years of research have perfected using solar devices to pasteurize water, and the results have been very successful. Many scientists have developed ways to render the power of the sun to destroy viruses, diseases, parasites, and bacteria found in water, mostly using solar cookers or solar ovens. This newfound procedure for pasteurizing water could be the solution for people in developing countries lacking access to clean, drinkable water. Many lives will be saved if all people have access to…

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  • Book Analysis: A Long Walk To Water

    killed. On page 26, it states, "Her tribe the Nuer, often fought with the rival Dinka tribe over land surrounding the lake. Men and boys were hurt even killed when the two groups clashed." In Salva's time period, water is scarce and as a result, Salva walks miles without water. On page 37, it states, "But there was no water anywhere, though they searched for miles." In Nya's time period, water is also scarce and as a result, the girls have to walk for miles to find water. On page 18, it states,…

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  • Water Withdrawals In France

    water sources. Out of the European Union countries France in taking third place in reported waterborne disease outbreaks. The predominant agent isolated in the reported outbreaks is Cryptosporidiosis for all countries studied. France and Spain have a higher rate of occurrence of Gastroenteritis in comparison to the rest of the European Union members. http://www.microrisk.com/uploads/microrisk_intestinal_illness_through_drinking_water.pdf (Intestinal Illness through Drinking Water in Europe) In…

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  • Water Vs Tap Water

    requirement for most resources or novelties, it would seem a debate has risen in the wake of progress. Bottled water or tap water, and which is better for the world. Hands down, bottled water is the clear choice here, it is healthy, portable, exportable, and most importantly accessible to everyone. Around the world tap water is sparsely available to the people who need it.“783 million people do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation.”…

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  • Causes And Effects Of Water Pollution In India

    Cause and Effect of Water Pollution in India Rajdeep Kaur Environmental Science 101 Professor Mark Ditter October 8, 2014 Abstract Water is one of the natural resources that human beings are polluting. Water pollution has become a huge problem in many countries today. Due to water pollution many new diseases have been developed over time which have affected the humans at a very high rate. India is one of the countries that has the most polluted water bodies compared to other countries. There…

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  • Clean Water Lab Report

    Final Lab Report Introduction Body Paragraph #1 - Background: Clean water is one thing we share because it’s healthy, good for you and communities want to be away from all contaminants that are harmful, and your body needs to survive off of pure water. If your water is contaminated it’s true that viruses and diseases may be transmitted through the water because haves a negative impact on our health. “Water is crucial for the well-being of people. Due to industrialization, growing population…

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  • Walkerton Tragedy Case Study

    The Walkerton tragedy is a testimony of undeniable operation negligence and government policy deficiency. Due to improper practices, over 2300 individuals became a victim of the lethal waterborne disease originating from E.coli contamination. After becoming informed of the tragedy and current water quality situation that Canada is in, 70% of Canadians are currently apprehensive about their water quality (XXX). In response to this catastrophic event, major changes and regulations were established…

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