Essay On New Jersey Waterways Problem

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There’s Something in the Water

Relaxing on a beach or fishing on a river are fun activities. The water always looks clean and fresh. No one wants to look across the ocean, lake, or river, and see candy wrappers and plastic particles. Unfortunately, New Jersey waterways, specifically the ones in northern New Jersey, have been plagued with an abundance of plastic. This is a major problem that needs to be fixed is the contaminated waterways because they cause problems.

The plastic pollution in the waterways of New Jersey is a big environmental problem. According to the New York Times, “At any given time, an estimated 165 million plastic particles are floating...along the Hudson River, south to Sandy Hook Bay, in New Jersey” (Foderaro). This information just states the obvious, that New Jersey waterways are severely infiltrated with plastic. Another problem is that the large pieces of plastic break down into smaller particles, and the microparticles make up 85
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As a child growing up in Nigeria, clean water was hard to come by if the individual was not wealthy. Fortunately, my family is rich but that is not the case for the majority of Nigerians. In Nigeria the government is too corrupt to help its own people. Therefore, the water problem is ignored. However, the American government seems to care about how the people live. This makes me happy that people in New Jersey have used their power to make their government help in the clean up of the waterways.

In conclusion, the contaminated waterways is a problem for the state of New Jersey. Plastic and other contaminants are filling rivers and lakes. Fortunately, the state of New Jersey is making way in the cleaning of the waterways, but there is a long way to go to have clean waterways in New Jersey. Hopefully, the state of New Jersey will have success in this attempt. No one wants their child asking what's in the

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