Essay about Events Of The Civil War

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Research Paper: Events that Led to the Civil War The events that I think led to the American Civil War were; The Missouri Compromise of 1820, “Bleeding Kansas”(1954), The Dred Scott decision of 1857, and the Battle at Fort Sumner of 1861. The reason why these events played such an immense role in the lead up to the Civil War was because they created a vast rift between the South and North over their respective thoughts about the existence of slavery. Ever since slavery had been introduced to the US, the South had been very supportive of it. This is because in the South, agriculture was the biggest source of income for the people, and when a whole region is very active in the agricultural market, they need not only a massive labor force but also cheap labor so that they can maximize their profits. Hence why the Southerners used slaves as their labor force as they were pretty much getting free labor and receiving massive profits off of the income they got from the exports. The North on the other hand, thought of it in a more liberal manner as they were more educated than the Southerners. They believed that slavery was an injustice to mankind and therefore should be abolished. This whole pro slavery and antislavery belief system of the South and North caused a big split between different regions in the nation. So when Missouri decided to enter the union as a slave state in 1821. At that time of point in the United States, the number of slave and free states were…

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