The Causes Of Sectionalism In The Early 1800s

Alyssa Khoury
Mr. Brennan
Sectionalism in the 1800s In the early 1800s, sectionalism between the North and the South was based on slavery. While the North completely disagreed with the idea of slavery, the South was all for the idea of slavery. As more time has passed, slavery became a greater issue. Throughout the United States of America, life for the slaves had slightly changed. The states of the North had become anti-slavery and the states of the South became slavery supporters. This is a relation to sectionalism in the 1800s because as time went by, the North and the South began to encounter issues, such as losing supporters with the same views of slavery. As the issues became more violent, the separation of the two Cardinal
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Dred Scott was an African American man in the United States that sued for the freedom of himself, the freedom of his wife, and the freedom of his kids in the Dred Scott vs. Stanford case. Dred Scott believed that he and his wife should have been granted the privilege of becoming United States of America citizens because he and his wife had lived in Illinois and the Wisconsin Territory for four years. The U.S. Supreme Court voted against Dred Scott 7-2. With the disagreement of the Supreme Court, the Dred Scott Decision was brought up. The Dred Scott Decision was a decision in which free or slaved African-Americans were not allowed to be American citizens and the federal government had power to regulate slavery. The decision had eventually turned against the anti-slavery Northerners. Many people had said that this was one of courts’ worst decisions. This leads to sectionalism between the North and the South because the decision had supported the idea of slavery meaning that it had gone against the Northerners who were …show more content…
Also when African Americans are born in the U.S., they are now born as U.S. citizens. These topics are also important because they allowed the U.S. to experience the separation between blacks and whites. These topics eventually caused the Civil War. The purpose of the War was to make all the United States united and with the separation of the North and the South, it was not easy to cooperate. These topics helped changed the American Society because they allowed the United States to experience diversity between being free states and slaves states. With these experiences, the people of the United States have been able to live life in a certain way and realize that it was wrong. With these realizations, the people were able to fight for what was right in the future to come. Although there is no more slavery in the United States today, there is still discrimination of race. There are people that still use derogatory language towards a person of a different skin tone, such as white people disagreeing with the rights of the freed black people. According to Mint Press News, they said, “However, activists like the members of the Black Lives Matter movement argue that police kill blacks at a rate disproportionate to their total percentage of the population — an assertion supported by The Guardian’s statistics. Police killed almost five Black people per every

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