My Views Of Life And The Video Tough Guize Truly Resonated With Me

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My views of gender, in general, have been reshaped. The book, videos, and class discussions have contested many aspects of my everyday life and the video Tough Guize truly resonated with me. I am raising two young boys and am glad to be learning the concepts of patriarchy and the social differences between men and women. The topic of gender in this class has left me with many questions and concerns as they grow up to be older boys, teenagers, and adult. There is an element of despair that I have about the role that society plays in guiding gender. I’m less concerned with their upbringing, but rather, the societal norms and gender-based inequalities that I am going to have to reshape for them to be positive male role models in the future. I will continue to guide them to become gentlemen with others around them. I’m not thinking to raise “Child X,” but I’m hoping they can learn to respect people of every gender. As a couple, we have discussed their gender choice and are willing to respect that. We are hopeful that by the time they grow up, this will be respected at school and in the workplace.

There are three examples I will propose in this map regarding the workplace. The story of ‘My Girl,’ on the topic of decolonization, connected with me. In my professional life, I have had three clients who died of drug overdoses or the effects of heavy drug abuse. For the longest time, I rationalized that their high-risk lifestyles were central reasons in their passing. However, I…

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