Gender Changes In Sociology Essay

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Sociology is a widely misunderstood field of science. Its studies look deeply into every aspect of everyday lives—commutes to and from work, eating breakfast, even how people see themselves. Something that sociology has dedicated research to that truly deepened my knowledge and appreciation of is gender, and along with my new knowledge comes a change in how I see myself and others. I identify as a feminist, but through my learning, my horizon of awareness has broadened significantly. My knowledge of gender was deepened in multiple ways. First, male gender roles are just as detrimental to men as female gender roles are to women. Humiliation as generously thrown at men who are too “soft” or “sissy.” Cross and Bagilhole mentioned men are …show more content…
Males are prescribed a masculine lifestyle the moment they are born. They are expected to suppress emotions, boast sexual authority, and become a successful head of the household. It is impossible for every man to do this; the expectancy to do the tough stuff at all times without showing emotions weathers down males’ mental health. Consequently, men are more likely than women to commit suicide. Men who reject their roles combat ridicule from family and friends, even though they are capable of leading a healthier emotional lifestyle and foster healthier relationships with family. Women are affected even more harshly than men by gender. Females are expected to stay home, cook, clean, and birth babies like a machine. Along with this job they are handed, they are told that they are too emotional, they play the victim, and they should always be submissive. For the longest time, it was rare to see a strong female character on television, cartoons, or even in history books, but now, these unsung heroines are receiving the credit and praise they deserve as well as setting a positive example for young women. Women of color or of lower socioeconomic class are battered even harder by gender stereotypes. Rape, poverty, and single-parenthood are all more likely to affect these women. How these women encounter more struggles than others is best illustrated by the matrix of domination, which overlaps

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