The Importance Of Male Dominance In Society

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Every female has had at least one experience in her life where she has experienced some form of male dominance. Unfortunately, I have felt the brunt of male dominance more than once in my life. Male dominance in almost every aspect of life in American Society causes a lot of issues for women. I think the number one cause for the new wave of the Feminist and Women’s Rights Movement is that women are now realizing how much men dominate in the workplace, in social settings, in politics, and even in the home. I’m going to hone in on one example of a snap shot of one of the first weeks of my freshman year of college; the story that has contributed to my ever-growing passion for Women’s Rights. This boy acted out against me and my beliefs on a personal …show more content…
The things that we was saying to me have been ingrained in my mind as him being flat out insecure and just plain mean. Once he said to me that I was like a cancer and he was drinking away the pain so he would die faster. The same night he made fun of the Women’s Rights movement, something that I’m very passionate about, saying that it was stupid and he doesn’t understand why we fight for our rights. Now, looking back on these short events that I have experienced over a short amount of time interacting with this guy, I now understand better why he acted in such a mean and offensive way. Especially through this new lens of the Sociological Imagination. There are so many factors that lead to his and many others’ …show more content…
I blame the way he is so used to being in a male dominant society. The reason for males being so dominant in society is the stereotype that they are stronger than women mentally and physically. Boys are often egotistical because they are taught at a young age that they need to be stronger than girls in every aspect of life. They’re taught that crying is only for girls or that if they show genuine compassion for someone that they are weak. These are just a couple of the many stereotypes that circle around men in this society. But, with these teachings comes the inevitable notion that men shouldn’t listen completely to women and understand their feelings or their thoughts because that is weak and they suppress the fact that some of them are actually sensitive and they feel the need to come off mean and insensitive. Even so, men and boys alike feel the need to suppress from a very young age who they truly are because they do not fit into what the stereotypes of being a real man

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