Chivalry Is Dead Essay

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One widely debated topic among people is whether chivalry still around in the world today. The answer is simply no; chivalry was killed off in our modern society. Chivalry is a concept that has been killed off by various factors, leaving only the memory of true mannerism. Of course, this is a generalized belief and instances of chivalrous acts in people still exist. However, on the large scale of things, chivalry is dead. In order to support this statement on whether chivalry is dead or not, a single definition of chivalry must be determined. Just by simply looking at a dictionary, chivalry is defined as, “the sum of the ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy, generosity, valor, and dexterity in arms.” From this definition, …show more content…
Men are terrified to show a little curtesy because they do not want to be jeopardized for being sexist. Women feel that a door being opened for them or a bill getting payed for in full is demeaning. They feel it makes them weaker and under men, but the truth is, women have the power over men, they just do not realize it. Men find joy in doing things for women and do not even consider it being sexist. A girl could make her man do anything just by holding something over him, but when a girl is willing to give that up by demanding equality, she becomes less powerful. The feminist movement is thought of to make women more powerful and independent, but the reality of it is, it is pushing men away from woman and causing chivalry to also go away.
The blame of chivalry slowly going away rests on both genders equally. No matter what people say, woman and men both killed chivalry together. Woman frequently say men are the reason for chivalry, and men frequently blame woman for chivalry. But in reality, blame can be put on both parties. The issue goes back to respect, which has also left with chivalry. Men no longer respect women as they should, and the same can be said for

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