Welcome To The Frontier Of Male Disaffection Essay

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In the past, males have assumed their pre-determined role to protect their families with their strong and dominant qualities. Although, in post-modern society many believe the roles between males and females have become equal. In the article, “Welcome to the frontier of male disaffection,” by Andre Mayer, the focus is on the unattainable expectations placed on men, negative stereotypes associated with the male gender, and the mutually oppressive relationship between men and women. Gender stereotyping, assigning gender roles and the creation of gender expectations can have a negative impact on an individuals mental and physical health, as well as the healthy relationship between genders. Mayer organizes the article in an insightful and concise …show more content…
Quoting Simone de Beauvoir, ‘Women are not born, they’re made, just as men are.” Mayer draws the conclusion that these gender constructions are equally forceful, resulting in society defaulting to the stereotypes that “women are gentle and nurturing but also self-doubting and needy, and men are strong and protective but prone to infidelity and violence.” Therefore, leaving males at an extreme disadvantage within society. Mayer uses the issue based on the perceived discrimination in child-custody battles as a prime example of the gender disadvantage. FACT (The advocacy organization Fathers Are Capable) director, Gene Colosimo, shared his experience in a custody battle and claimed that a male will receive as much access to the child as the mother allows. Stating, “You’re the hostage, she has a gun, and you’re trying to work out a deal.” Colosimo’s statement provides insight on the amount of power a male has in what is typically considered a woman’s field, such as taking care of the children. Providing recent reports that most custody battles end in favor of the women, and when joint custody is rewarded, it is still in favor of the women seeing as she still makes the decisions. Thus, proving Mayer’s argument that women have an advantage over men, based on the stereotypes surrounding each …show more content…
David Shackleton believed that men had the power to dominate woman physically, economically and politically; women, on the other hand, dominate men with their sexual, emotional and moral power. Thus, leading Shackleton to the conclusion that for all the overbearing qualities of men, woman have the power to shame. Mayer went on to quote Warren Farrell, explain women’s movements have been blaming men, when there should have never been a women’s movement blaming men nor a men’s movement blaming women. Which when you think about, seems to ring the truest. Women blame men for oppressing their rights and freedoms, assigning roles based on society’s gender stereotypes. Whereas, men blame women for creating and upholding the negative stereotypes and unattainable expectations. Leading Farrell to the conclusion that there should be a gender transition movement for moving forward from the old and rigid roles of the past that were survival based and unlearn the myths surrounding each gender. Thus, allowing one to judge a person based on their individual characteristics rather then the stereotypes assigned to their gender. Nearing the end of the article, Mayer focuses on the downfall of creating stereotypes, expectations, and the assignment of roles to the genders. Arguing that we must stop blaming each other, and move forward into a more new and flexible society. It is through the

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