Women And Education Praxis Paper : Personal Experience

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Women and Education Praxis Paper:
Personal Experience in Education “The most beautiful thing about education is that no one take it away from you” (A Day in Our Shoes.com, 2013). Utilizing the feminist pedagogy has been essential to shaping my education and my occupational experience as a student and teacher. It has been empowering on many levels and shown me how through feminist theory women and girls can be empowered to live within oppression. Through feminist pedagogy I feel empowered through the stance that I have been thought to show compassion and empathy to all in all circumstances. The feminist ideals encircle the empowerment of everyone and ensuring that everyone feels valued and as an equal to others. It is important that within my teaching to others in the healthcare setting as a nurse someday that people are feeling heard and expressing their needs fully when often many people can be marginalized for my social determinants of health including their gender or race. Through showing compassion and empathy, I think more people will feel heard and I always have felt that I am heard when people stop and take the time to listen to what I have to say, therefore feel empowered through feminist pedagogy to show that same respect to others. The feminist pedagogy empowered me show great respect to others and to encourage the invitation of everyone having equal power. As a nursing student, I hold a lot of knowledge in relation to health, but the patient that I am caring…

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