Essay on Biographical Sketch Of Nicole Weppler 's Early Adult Life

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The purpose of this paper is to present a biographical sketch of Nicole Weppler 's early adult life. Nicole, who is my boss and mentor, immigrated to Toronto, Canada in the late 1960s. First, I will provide an overview of her early life and childhood. Second, I will discuss her years in Toronto and more specifically her time spent studying at the University of Toronto. Finally, I will address her most recent years living on Manitoulin Island and her occupation as the curator of the local museum. This paper argues the story of Nicole Weppler, is a unique example of an immigration experience into Canada because unlike the majority immigrants at that time, she came from an influential and cosmopolitain family. She did not have to worry about financial strain, or loosing cultural roots and this allowed her to become heavily involved in the intellectual and literary movements happening at the University of Toronto. This intellectual and inspiring atmosphere influenced her young adulthood and instilled philosophical ideas she still incorporates into her life today.
Part I This section focuses on Nicole 's influential upbringing by discussing her family background and important moments in her childhood, her education, and the reason to why she made the decision to leave her home and immigrate to Canada, more specifically Toronto. This is an important part of the paper because of one does not have the context of her upbringing they cannot grasp, her future pursuits…

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