How Did Pierre Trudeau Met The Challenges Of His Era?

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Topic: This essay will focus on Joseph Philippe Pierre Yves Elliott Trudeau otherwise known as Pierre Elliott Trudeau the 15th Prime Minister of Canada and the controversial issue of, if he met the challenges of his era or if he made things worse for Canada. Pierre Trudeau was born in Montreal, Quebec, on October 18, 1919 to a wealthy bilingual family. Trudeau graduated from university to enter law school in Montreal. As a student he was conscripted to join the Canadian army, he was against conscription and supported an anti-conscription candidate in a local election. He then was expelled as a result of political activism. Trudeau became a liberal member of Parliament (MP) in 1965, a liberal party leader, and the Prime Minister of Canada in 1968. Soon after Trudeau was elected he was faced with many challenges Canadians needed taken care of. French and English citizens were in dispute, immigrants were not being protected and valued, and Canada was still under British …show more content…
Thesis: There were many challenges Trudeau had to face, despite these challenges being difficult, he still managed to defend immigrant and Canadian rights furthering Canada from Britain's shadow; in addition, protecting Canadian citizens by defeating the separatism Canada had between the French and English.

Plan of Development:

Issues Canada faced during the Trudeau era

Canada was still under British Constitution through the British North American Act(BNA)
French francophones wanted Quebec to be its own country and not apart of Canada.
People apart of Quebec separatism turned to radical measures to fulfil their desires
Immigrants were not being treated equally and valued compared to the citizens of Canada
Canada’s economy began to slow down in the early 1970’s

These issues will further be explained and researched to prove that Trudeau faced and defeated these challenges Canada faced.

Protecting immigrants in

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