My First Day Of My Observation Essay example

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On my first day of my observation and I began meeting with Principal Phillip. Principle Phillip kindly introduced me to the school and told me what is expected from me as a guest in her school. She then provided me with a schedule of the different classrooms I would be observing. She then walked me over to Mrs. Supple’s class where I was quickly introduced. I sat down in the back of the class and started taking notes.
This class is a SDC class for Language Arts. The class mostly consists of students with learning disabilities and a few with high functioning Autism in the first hour and in the second hour students have the same disabilities but to a greater degree there is also one student with a diagnosis of ED. The class also has a teacher’s assistant (TA) that is always present to assist where she is needed. During the first period class there is a teacher’s assistant from a different special education classroom that takes notes during Mrs. Supple’s lesson to use in the study skills class she resides in. The class lessons mostly focused on writing compare and contrast essays regarding videos they been shown in class. There were a few lessons on vocabulary, but the majority of my observation times were on writing these essays. The class from my 1st hour, which was considered to be more developmentally closer to their peers, is rowdy and unfocused. Mrs. Supple had to on many occasions redirect their focus to the task that they were completing as a class. At times I could…

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