Personal Statement : My Spiritual Autobiography Essay

2315 Words Dec 4th, 2016 10 Pages
My spiritual autobiography begins during my second year of high school and will cover about until the end of this class. There are many changes I went through during this period of time in terms of spirituality, and how I perceived the world. This autobiography will mainly focus on my transition from a catholic to everything else, and how I was able to use this experience to relate to Otto and Lauren and their own spiritual journeys. My journey began at St. Ignatius high school where we studied theology frequently which at first allowed me to be more immersed in Catholicism but soon I was just studying further into the areas where I disagreed with the church and the faith. All of this started sophomore year of high school which when I was really starting to explore where I had doubts with my faith and to see the different beliefs of the church that I had a hard time following. This small crack of disbelief in my faith at the time was only widened due to one of the very few bad teachers at the school (The rest of the theology department couldn’t be nicer) became my sophomore year theology teacher who was of the belief that other opinions were wrong and that questions of faith were objective and not a subjective belief. This whole journey would probably never have happened had he not basically forced a greater divide between me and Catholicism. Mr. Prokop was known for not being very tolerant of other views and this particular semester we had to write a paper about our…

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