Essay about My Experience With A New Environment

1246 Words Dec 4th, 2016 5 Pages
The college always scared me even by hearing the word. I was so nervous to go to the college, because I am anti-social and quiet. I never liked adjusting to a new environment. When I watch American movies, I often see how American college is like, and when I see a student who does not have friends and always eat lunch alone, I felt like that would be me in the future. I worried a lot and did not want to leave my friends and my host family. I also worried about the courses, I was afraid I can’t follow up with the classes. I thought college as starting a new life. My host mother often said to me that college will change my life; how I spend my time and who I hang out with will affect my life greatly. I studied abroad for a long time, so many people think I will have no problem adjusting a new environment, but maybe I am mentally stronger than other people, I still get nervous and worried. The very first class of my college life was English 101. Since English is my second language, I worried how difficult it would be. I thought to myself, there would be a huge difference between high school English and college English. However, my concern disappeared when I met my English 101 teacher, Professor Joel Shaver. He made funny jokes and tried to be friendly instead of being a strict professor. I was finally able to relieve and relax a little bit. The first paper assignment was a personal narrative. I think it was good to be the first paper assignment, because it 's writing about my…

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