Dual Credit Classes Into Highland High School Essay

1177 Words Dec 4th, 2016 5 Pages
In many high schools throughout Idaho dual credit classes are an option, some of them may have to be taken online but most dual credit courses are in a classroom setting. At Highland, high school there is only a total of one dual credit class offered as opposed to a nearby school that offers ten dual credit classes. Students at Highland do have the option of taking dual credit classes online, however many students would not succeed in an online situation. Not only do dual credit classes save students money, but they also give students the opportunity to challenge themselves and better prepare themselves from college. How exactly can we integrate more dual credit classes into Highland high school? I propose that a process is started at a slow and steady pace. The first step is to find out if the school has enough funding. If the school does have the funding the next step is to select the subject with which you would want to offer a dual credit class in. Once the subject has been determined a teacher will need to be dual credit certified (if not already certified). The school will also need to work out a system with the college from which the credit will be obtained. Lastly the school will need to work the new class into their schedule. In the case that the school does not have enough funding, a support/donation fund could be set up if the school had the communities support. The donations would come from the supporting community members. This solution would take a while,…

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