Advantages And Disadvantages Of Differential Tuition

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It is that time of year again! Registration for your second semester of sophomore year has begun. You have a potential course schedule sitting on your desk as you begin to register for classes. Too bad you do not have a professional adviser to help you plan ahead if your first schedule does not work out. After all, you do have to take a bunch bottleneck courses -- you know, the ones that are in high demand and fill up right away. Of course, your top choice schedule ran into trouble because the bottleneck courses you need to graduate are already full. Now you are a whole semester behind, with no one to help you fix it. Maybe next semester you will be lucky enough to register for your bottleneck courses before some sucker steals the last spot. …show more content…
Differential tuition may not seem like the best idea in the short run because of the extra expense. Two hundred dollars per semester can really add up, especially if students decide to stay at UWSP for an extra year. However, since UWSP has one of the lowest tuition costs in the state, this expense could be absorbed more easily than at other colleges. The proposal also implements a financial aid portion to assist students who cannot afford the extra tuition expenses. Students entering their Junior or Senior year may also feel like differential tuition may not be beneficial because most of these students are already more than halfway done with their college career -- they will not need extra advising assistance and have completed all of their bottleneck courses. To compensate for this, SGA had the idea to decrease the amount that older students have to pay per semester. Differential tuition in the long run can be very efficient if the student has a lot of bottleneck courses holding them a semester or even a year back behind where they are supposed to be. Decreasing the amount bottleneck courses can ensure that each student is able to enter into their courses and follow their academic plan to ensure graduating on time. The academic plan would also be made through advising appointments, which are made possible because of differential

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