Essay on Education Section Five : Moral Development

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Section Five: Moral Development

According to Kohlberg’s theory, Anna should be in level one which is the preconventional reasoning level. Kohlberg’s preconventional reasoning believes that children reach moral decisions by means of not wanting to be punished or for some type of reward. Preconventional reasoning has two levels. In the second level, children pursue their own interest but are mindful of others too. I would classify Anna as being in the Kohlberg’s second level, the conventional level. I had a conversation with Anna about school and her friends. I asked her to tell me what makes a good friend. She said, “someone who doesn’t lie to their friends and cares about them”. From her statement, it is evident that Anna holds a high value on being trustworthy and caring. Even among her friendships with her peers, she knows that it is not morally right to lie and that doing so can damage her friendships. She cares about her friendships. As another example, I asked Anna if she thought it would be okay to tell her friend the answers to a question on a test if she knew her friend did not have time to study. Anna did not think it was right to help her friend in this example. She said, “No, it against the rules to cheat”. She is motivated to follow the rules and make her parents and teachers proud of her. Just by talking to Anna and listening to her interactions with another child, I realized just how important it is to Anna to be liked by her peers and the people in her life.…

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