The Food Advertising Of Food Commercials Essay

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Many people have been drawn in by food commercials, whether it would be the latest new burger from McDonalds, or an ice-cold Coca-Cola. This pulls in viewers of any age. What is daunting is how these same unhealthy junk foods catch the attention of children of many ages even those who are teenagers in ways that do not relate to the food product. These food commercials create the theme of a sense of belonging. Children who cannot get the food product might feel bad about themselves because of the way the food advertisements portray their products. The food advertisements that will be discussed ranges from a McDonalds commercial advertising toy characters in its meal, a Trix cereal commercial promoting its cereal as kids exclusive, and a Pepsi commercial depicting how drinking soda can make your life better by showing a celebrity. Adding flashy gimmicks and themes that do not even relate to the product seems unethical to me including the fact that they hide the fact that the food is unhealthy. The real issue of these fast food commercials is that there is more to the food that draws children into wanting it. An example would be in a happy meal from McDonalds. Adding a toy to a meal will make it more desirable for the kid. It could be from their favorite television show, movie, or toy line. Not only are children obligated to get the whole collection of happy meal toys, but this also encourages them to eat more unhealthy food. What also comes with these happy meals is the…

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