Obesity Epidemic Analysis

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What is morbid obesity?How does morbid obesity affect a person's health?
What will it take for us to realize that overweight is a problem? Americans today eat more fast food than homemade food. Epidemic obesity is caused by irregular eating habits.
When focusing in the outbreak of overweight it all sums up to what has changed over the years that has caused this catastrophe. Jane E. Brody, author of The Obesity Epidemic by First Figuring Out Its Cause, demonstrates a deviation when he points out that “ Most meals were prepared and eaten at home, even when both parents worked. Eating out was a special event. “Convenience” foods were canned fruits and vegetables, not frozen lasagna or Tater Tots”(40). The author proves that back then food was
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This generation is so used to over-sized food portions and an unbalanced physical activities. As fast food franchises began to advance in the 1960s, serving sizes started to grow. The companies were so excited to afford bigger serving sizes for an exceptional financial worth. Jane E. Brody argues that “ The 1970s saw a striking rise in the quantity of refined carbohydrates and fats in the U.S food supply, which was paralleled by a sharp increase in the available calories and the onset of the obesity epidemic” (41). The quote displays how back then food portions were incredibly small compared to today’s portions. Today’s generation feel like the bigger the better, but forget about the long run effects. But food portions aren’t the only things that have increased in the few decades, plates and cup sizes have expanded. This opens doors to gain more calories, helps encourage us to eat more, deceives the impression of convenient food quantities, and along with inactive behaviors that have subsidize to our social bulge. It presents how bad food advertisements are now compared to back thens. Americans are approached by ads from food companies whose objective is to get the children's attention to be able to persuade people on buying their high-calorie foods.
Therefore, Americans should consider focusing on portion size and should reduce the size of the meals. But as young adults we

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