Film Analysis: Super Size Me

This was the first time I saw the film, Super Size Me, although I have heard many peers and family members rave about the film previously. I feverishly attempted to out fast food intake countless times before by cooking at home more, however I still frequent fast food restaurants two to three times a week due to the convenience and simplicity of buying food that’s been pre-made. The primary fast food restaurants I typically turn to when my stomach is growling are Wing Stop, In N Out, and King Tacos. I tend to order a full meal, such as a 10pc parmesan wing combo with fries and veggie sticks, and usually a small soft drink as well. I also tend to eat veggie sticks and French fries with ketchup and ranch. When I typically dine at fast food restaurants it’s usually for a “late night” snack when no other restaurants are open.
The film focuses on highlighting the fact that over 100 million Americans are overweight or obese and gently hints that this may be correlated to Americans’ eating patterns. This is linked to our knowledge from class that obesity has a strong nutritional component. Another overlapping feature is the diagrams shown both in the movie and in class that display the increase in
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Instead of automatically turning to fast food as a late night snack, I take out my cutting board and chop up fresh fruits such as persimmons, pears, and apples instead. The film made me realize how fast food negatively impacts my health, it can elevate my blood pressure, overwork my liver, and puts me at an increased risk of diabetes since so much of the food I consume contain unnecessary amounts of sugar. I’ve also noted that similar to the film, after I eat fast food, it isn’t long before I feel hungry again. Although fast food is quick and easy, I would rather consume nutrient dense foods rather than empty calories after watching the

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