Super Size Me

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Super Size Me is a movie based on Morgan Spurlock, who stars and directs the movie, and his journey to eat strictly McDonald’s. This movie was created in 2004 before large amounts of intensive research were conducted pertaining to the health of McDonald’s foods. Spurlock decides to challenge himself to eat each item on the McDonald’s menu at least once for a month, and only McDonalds-no exceptions. He devoted 30 days of his life to this “Super-Size” challenge, to study what the effects of eating McDonalds (or fast food in general) were. Before Morgan Spurlock began this experiment, he consulted with several doctors to provide concrete evidence of the effects of fast food on the body. The first doctor to conduct the bodily function test on Spurlock stated that his blood tests were “excellent”, his cholesterol level was 168, his kidney and liver function were “perfect.”

Starting on his first day of the scientific adventure, Spurlock orders an “Egg McMuffin” for breakfast and a “Big Mac” for dinner. On Day 2, he orders a “Double Quarter Pounder” super-size value meal. Twenty-two minutes after consuming the entire meal, he vomits the entire meal up. At the beginning of Day 3, he said into the camera, “my
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One of the premises behind the lawsuit was that McDonalds argued that “ a matter of common knowledge was that any processing that its food undergo serve to make them more harmful than unprocessed foods.” The movie explains how McDonalds chicken nuggets are created. Chickens are chosen based on their body type, typically with larger breasts, then mashed up in a food processor, “filled with stabilizers and preservatives”, “pressed into familiar shapes”, covered with breading, then thrown in a fryer, “freeze-dried” and sent off to various McDonalds locations. The Judge in the lawsuit case, Judge Robert Sweet referred the processed of the chicken nuggets as

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