Negative Essay On Obesity

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Obesity has become a huge epidemic in American society and is now also effecting many other countries. All of the unhealthy food choices and the growing portion sizes in fast food chains and restaurants are just adding to the problem. It also does not help that all of these unhealthy foods are so well advertised and readily available to everyone including children. There are many mental things that go into obesity as well and if people can learn to change their mindset and learn how to make healthier choices, this epidemic can be reduced greatly.

According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), obesity has become a true epidemic and in one of their studies it shows that about 64.5 percent of Americans are either overweight or
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As the cost of the healthier foods continue to climb, the cost of unhealthy foods more or less stays cheap and easier to obtain. Of course if someone, especially someone with lower income, comes across two food items one costing five dollars and the other costing one dollar which would that person choose? The cheapest of course, and unfortunately that almost always tends to be the least healthy option. This is not a problem just in the fast food world, but it is also a problem when it comes to grocery shopping. Buying a processed prepackaged meal is much easier and cheaper than buying all of the ingredients separately to make it from scratch. The cost of healthy staples are rising as well when it comes to things that children usually eat such as fruits, vegetables, milk, bread, and eggs (360 link …show more content…
The easiest fixes are the obvious diet and exercise, but there is more to it than that. While eating right and exercising will definitely help someone lose weight, there are more components that can make it a more permanent fix rather than just the usual “yo-yo dieting”. Portion size plays a huge role in calorie intake in that even if someone is eating healthy, eating too much of it adds way more calories onto a meal than might have originally been intended. Weighing and measuring one’s food in an easy way to make sure the portion is not too large and keeping the calorie count to a minimum. There is also the matter of exercising, while it does not play as big a role in keeping the weight off as eating right does, it is still a good way to help keep the pounds off and stay healthy. It is important to do activities that one might find enjoyable so that it does not seem to be a chore and makes it easier to stick to rather than getting tired of it after only two

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