Fighting The Somali Civil War Essay

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The next cause of the Somali Civil War is the prevalence of clans in Somalia. The role of clans in Somalia is an important social unit in Somalia just as it is in the rest of Africa. Upon saying that, there is a lot of division that goes into the formation of these clans despite the fact Somalia is very homogenous and the population is 99% Somalian (Terdman 2008, 12). Due to this, the vast majority of its citizens share both a common language and a common culture. (Woods 1997, 1) Still, clans are often split up in to sub-sections through patrilineal lineages (Elmi and Barise 2006, 6). One sub-clan in Somalia is estimated to consist of 100,000 members (Terdman 2008, 13). One of the most dominant clans is the Hawiye. Members of this clan live in central and southern Somalia and are the most populated clan that lives in the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu. (Terdman 2008, 13). However, largest Somali clan is the Darod. Darod members live in northeastern, southwestern Somalia (Terdman 2008, 13). While there are many clans, these two are the biggest in Somalia. Despite this, these are many other clans that exist in Somalia and played a role in the Somali Civil War.
As stated earlier, Barre’s regime played a direct role in the cause of the Somali Civil War. However, Barre also helped assist another cause to the civil war. After the Ogaden War, there was a growing faction of clans that were keen on taking over the government (Terdman 31, 2008). The first group in 1979 that tried to…

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