Why Biology Is The Most Important Human Endeavor? Essay

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Biology is the science of life or living matter in all forms and phenomena, especially with reference to origin, growth, reproduction, structure and behavior. Living beings have the desire to discover who they truly are and how they came to be the person that they are today. Many people have specific beliefs in an ultimate being that rules over all else, but most of these beliefs cannot be proven. The study of biology is based upon facts and hypotheses that can be tested and supported. Without biology it would be difficult to understand the beauty of life, and how living organisms are created and how the basic metabolic processes help organisms survive. Biology is one of the most important human endeavors since it provides humans with the hard facts and beauty of all life and how it came to be.
Truth is defined as a verified or indisputable fact, proposition, or principle. Truth is the reason why biology is the most important human endeavor when being compared to art or religion. Religion is not based on truth or facts, but rather upon beliefs and faith. Of course there is nothing wrong with believing in a higher power or an ultimate being, but most of the time these things cannot be proven. Historically, the events in the Bible did occur, yet there has never been evidence of a god or an individual creator of the world. Art is similar to religion in the way that it is not concrete or factual. There are many different types of art. Art can be portrayed through a painting,…

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