Becoming A Successful Reading And Writing Essay

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Reading and writing is a vital part of education for each and every student because it is the stepping stone to all other forms of learning. Reading and writing are fundamental skills that each student must master if they are expected to have success during their educational years. It is important for teachers to realize the importance of their job, they are entrusted with the development and shaping of the nation’s youth, they are not only teaching students for the betterment of their futures but also for everyone’s. Children are the future of tomorrow is more than just a saying it is a reality. There are several important aspects to becoming a successful reading and writing teacher, these include promoting a fun, safe work environment that promotes learning, modeling for students the expectations of the classroom, always pursuing better ways to teach, and to be an inspiration to your students as well as your co-workers.
For all instructors teaching any subject an essential part of being successful is to make sure that from the moment the students walk into the classroom they feel safe, comfortable and know that everyone is on a level playing field. “Teachers are the classroom managers: They set the expectations and clearly explain to students what’s expected of them and what’s valued in the classroom.” (Tompkins, 2014, p. 17) Students must know that they can trust their teacher and their peers while in class. Teachers need to be sure “to create an environment where…

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