How Does Reading And Writing Affect My Life

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As a child, there was never a time where I did not have a sufficient access to books. Growing up in a household where my older sister loved to read, my father wanted the same for me. There was always the atmosphere to excel in my household. In fact, it was kind of a rule, but I am thankful for being pushed as a child in the areas of reading and writing. Reading and writing has helped mold me into who I am today as a student and has allowed me to be a step ahead in most of my life. Growing up, my father always had the biggest influence on my education. Every day after school, my father would encourage me to go the extra mile. Whether it was extra practice in my math class or just surpassing the required amount or reading time by thirty minutes, my father expected it from me. I remember when my father bought me the Junie B. Jones book series by Barbara Park. I read those books over and over again; I had fallen in love with the whole collection, but I still enjoyed to write more than reading. I was one of the young girls that felt the need to write down everything that happened to me and keep it in a journal. Looking back, I am glad I did. Not only did it help create memories of my childhood, but it also tremendously improved my writing skills. …show more content…
By this time, reading and writing had taken a big toll on every aspect of my life. My older sister had a true love for reading, so I would receive all of her books to read after she was finished with them. This is the reason my reading level has always been above the standard. With literacy being the basis for everything in life, I then started to stand out greatly in my class. At the same time, I was also enrolled in a gifted program which had me to read and write in different, yet challenging, way daily. The gifted program both challenged me and motivated me to become a better

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