My Reading Autobiography

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book was very important to me when i was younger. the memories that i have of me reading book can go far back to when i was a little girl.most of my memories i remember was around the time when i was 6 years childhood is one of my favorite years i had in life. reading books started by my family reading me a bed time story like my mother. this routine was at every night by 8:00 o 'clock. this was usually after my bubble bath time. my mother always read me cat in the hat. that book always had me cracking up before i went to bed. she always read me the giving tree. the book giving tree always put me to sleep calmly, as my mother says it did. sometimes when my mom would be to tired, i would go read a book from the library we had …show more content…
in middel school with still can read with the teacher. it was alittle more easyer but we still had the option to pick out our own books. i use a book called junie b jones, which is a series of book. my teache ms mckee had few of the junie b jones books in the class libary. i go so hooked on the the book because of its humor. this book was based on middle school girl going throught the most funniest disaters a middle school kid can go throught. at time time any middle school kid can relate to junie b jones, speaically her having such a funny, bubbly other favorite book in middle school as i can remember was the lion witch and the lion witch and wardrobe. i loved this book because all the mistery and magcal events that took place. it alwayays had my my woundering what was goin to happend next. later the book acaually became a very popluar movie. by the time i went through middle school and reach high school, i became more of an indeneedent reader. high are the days where the teacher are no longer going to read to you.when i reached high i took a english class that had the students read alot books. not only did we read books, but sometimes our teacher would pick on the students to read out loud in class. this was one of the reason why reading can be ver important. durning my time in high my english had me reading alot book with lesson thaught at the end. i than realize that high school reading on a different level. when i open my first high school booked i assigned to the class, the vocabulary kind of scared me. its was no longer useing small words like in middel school and specailly elemarty. one of th books that was giving in my english clas was called the outsiders. this was a drama teen booked, based on group on boys going through volient challenges in their lives. the outsides diffenelit gaveme an idea what the other high school books

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