Essay about The Between Females And Females

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Every detail stitching that fabricates our society "nudges" both females and males to reproduce. Although in the main stream culture sex is depicted as a cool pleasurable leisure activity, one can easily forget the contraceptives necessary for "safe" sex. The most widely available contraceptive is the condom, a fairly low price protection that comes in variety of sizes and are also given out for free at clinics and non profit organizations. A jarring myth of our mainstream culture is that a man enters "adulthood" when he sleeps with a woman for the first time, while the woman in our society enter adulthood when she get her monthly "visitor". Why do our society praise or deem a man a legend based on the number of women he has slept with. While the remaining details of the fabrication of our society "nudges" females to practice absentee, to maintain their purity- virginity , or to subdue to a form of birth control before buying a condom for their partner. Why are women held to these standards? If a woman enjoy sex she is perceived as a whore, hoe, or a slut. Women are held at a double standard when it comes to their sex lifestyles and medical contraceptives. The responsibility of buying contraceptives and preventing pregnancy are heavily placed on women despite the fact that women contraceptives are significantly higher and comes with more medical risk.
The World Health Organization defines gender equity as the " fairness and justice in the distribution of…

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