Essay on Hunting Is A Past Time Enjoyed By Friends And Family

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Hunting is a past time enjoyed by friends and family. Hunting gives people, a sense of adventure, accomplishment, fun and bonding; however, does hunting question the morality of how humans treat the lives of other living species? Should hunting animals be put to a stop for the brutality of the nature or be continued for the better and inevitable death of the animals? Kelley & Rule (2013) talk about how hunters use two types of patterns. The two different patterns are love and kill. The love pattern portrays the relationship and respect that the predator has for its prey. The kill pattern is focused on the violence of killing the prey. Two years ago, I was a vegetarian; I did not believe in killing animals for sport and fun. My family loves to hunt; they have partaken in quail, javelina and deer. I have never gone to a hunt before. I was not a fan of hunting, because of the violence the sport supported. Then one day, my biology teacher brought up some points that made me think. I always thought hunting was a topic that had an obvious right and wrong point of view. That day, I realized hunting has a lot more depth in both of the arguments. In this paper I will present the two alternative positions on the topic of animals being hunted.
Perspective 1: A person is walking in the forest. The person comes across numerous dead deer. Fawn, does and buck are all lying on the ground. The stench of rotting deer flesh surrounds the air that is being inhaled. Vultures have…

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