Essay on Improving Student Learning ( 150-200 Words )

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Introduction: The internet provides many opportunities for educators to assess the progress of the students through the use of different software. It is necessary for instructors to use assessments in the classroom to gauge how the students are doing in class and what the students need help with in understanding the content that is being taught. According to an article published by Techniques” Connecting Education and Careers. “online assessments are always positive because they provide immediate feedback and data” (Bonomo, 2016, pg.9). Using assessments in the classroom is a necessary tool that educators must utilize in order to guarantee the success of the students.
Technology to Facilitate Ongoing Efforts to Assess Student Learning (150-200 words)
The internet provides educators with the ability to provide students with high quality assessments developed through online assessment software. Using software to facilitate assessments is a key component for student success. Assessments allow for teachers to monitor student progress allowing the teacher to view student development and if the instructor does not see any changes in the student they have the ability to switch the way they are teaching the lesson to ensure student success. The outcome of assessments can result in different instructional planning and progress monitoring on the educator’s end of the assessment. (Bahr, Bahr, 1997)

Socrative is an online software that allows for educators to create…

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