Union With Christ And Communion With God : The Humanity Of Christ

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III. from union with Christ to communion with God: the humanity of Christ
So far, what we have dealt is the subjective understand of union with Christ: a dynamic relationship based on the existentially mutual indwelling including will and act. And this take places when the Holy Spirit works out faith as the hook in us which is a recognition and acknowledgement of Christ’s saving work for us. It is this knowledge of Christ in which revealing the divine will that the human will response. If this union is the ground of our whole existence, it should also conduct the response of our will. In other words, what conducts our response? To whom or what the human responses? And finally, to where does this response lead us?

i. the humanity of Christ: Obedience
Since we are united to Christ and consequently Christ in himself is our union, there are two objective realities in front of us in this union, “in Christ.” First and for most is the objective reality of Christ’s person and second the objective reality of the work of Christ, that is, the Christ whom is for us.

In fact, Calvin’s doctrine of Christ’s person follows the Chalcedonian definition of the hypostatic union and views the work of Christ a single outcome of the two natures through his person. The person (hypostatic union) is a mystic mechanism that ensure two natures work in their full capacities without separation and confusion. In this mystic mechanism, the will of Christ’s person is obedience. What the apostle Paul…

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