The Aberdeen Three Case Analysis Essay

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I’m using virtue ethnic to analyse Aberdeen Three case. The theory was created by Aristotle, one of the greatest philosopher. The theory discusses that the reason why people go to school, work or join any kind of activities are because of happiness, the ultimate human goal. Aristotle also emphasizes that happiness cannot be gained through material wealth, the pursuit of honor or satisfaction from body pleasure. Lastly, happiness can only be achieved through virtue. If one’s rational mind is working, then reason will lead one to do virtue. The key to human life and happiness is to practice virtue because virtue is in accord with human reasoning. The Aberdeen Three case summarizes the importance of environmental protection and the safety of workers exposed to hazardous and toxic chemicals. The main characters in this case are Carl Gepp, manager of the Pilot plant; William Dee, head of the chemical weapons development team; and Robert Lentz, head of the developing manufacturing processes for the chemical weapons. Aberdeen is a place that not only develop and test chemical weapons, but also to store and dispose some chemicals. The first issue is many empty containers left in one room; different chemicals mixed together in the air and it became lethal. The second issue is 200 gallons of acid were being disposed into a local river. After RCRA’s investigation, Gepp was sentenced to 15 years in prison and fine up to $750,000. Dee and Lent were sentenced to 3 years’ probation and…

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