The 2016 Fall Csulb Dance Essay

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The 2016 Fall CSULB Dance in concert took place at the Martha B. Knoebel Dance Theater on November 17, 2016, at eight o’clock. It was a collection of different dance pieces. The following dance pieces: Suite Female Outcome X-Z, #followme, and Love Letter effects consisted of telling a story. This effect was delivered by using space, compositional tools, movement, and production elements.
The opening dance piece Suite Female Outcome X-Z utilized background, costumes, dancer’s movements, music, and lighting to tell a story about a deer who is trapped to symbolize how society traps women. In the beginning of the dance piece, the audience grabs a glimpse of the story when the background of the dance piece displays a short film. The short film throughout the dance piece presents a story about a deer. Also, the dancer’s costumes portray an image of a deer because the dancers wear a brown shirt and brown loose Capris. The movement motif that contributed to the effect of the piece was leaping hard and running rapidly. In order to perform this movement, the dancers employed linear shapes when they straightened and stretched their legs in the air and using high levels of spaces. Also, the dancers applied Laban’s dynamic efforts such as weight when they leaped hard and time when they ran quickly. By using these elements the dancers portrayed an image of a deer who is distraught and oppressed. Besides the movement motif, the audience also recognizes this image when the dancers slowly…

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