Drug Use Goes Up - Partnership For Drug Free Kids Essay

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Drug Use Goes Up - Partnership for Drug-Free Kids). By the time they get to high school their views on drugs have changed and with them hearing about other kids doing them and having the time of their life. They do not have a reason not try them because they think oh well “I am only going to try this a couple of times but after high school is over I will stop.”. These kids do not realize that from abusing drugs just a couple of times their brain is rewired to what their happiness is and with the opportunity when they hit a low in their life they will resort back to drugs to find happiness again. The way drug tests will help prevent teens from giving into peer pressure, is by giving them an actual reasonable reason not to try them. As Superintendent Steve Bradshaw said about his district 's program who implemented drug testing in the year 2000, and how it had helped, ”Especially the younger students, when they are freshmen and sophomores and are hitting the high school level, there is a lot of pressure to party, and this is an excuse not to party," Because they know their will be punishment from partying with drugs (Marquis). Other than just their parents and teachers telling them they are bad for their health when these teens may have a different view on abusing drugs and think, well these people do not know because they have never tried using drugs for fun, so what harm could come from myself from abusing drugs a couple of times. It keeps teens from being so curious about…

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