Essay about The Issue Of The Second Kashmir War

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The Second Kashmir War broke out in April of 1965 and lasted until September of that year. Ironically, the root of the conflict was not in Kashmir, it was farther south in the modern Indian state of Gujrat. After the First Kashmir War, the UN created a ceasefire line which was religiously observed by both nations in Kashmir, but in many other areas of the border, it was vague. The border in the Rann of Kutch along the Indian Ocean was highly disputed, and it led to many small skirmishes in the area. Simultaneously in Kashmir, Pakistan feared that the Indians were spreading their political influence in Kashmir, and the Muslim population did not want to be under Hindu control. India had just recently finish a war with China in northern Kashmir in which the Indians lost thousands of men in the mountains of Kashmir. The Chinese victory showed the Pakistani government that the Indians were not prepared for war, and the Indian Army was weak. Subsequently, Pakistan decided this was a prime opportunity to attack Indian territory in Kashmir. The skirmishes in the Rann of Kutch were settled by British arbitration, but the Kashmir attacks led to a full-scale war. The fighting was inconclusive for both sides as little territorial changes were made. Each nation lost around 3,000 men; a ceasefire was arranged by the UN Security Council once again on September 23, 1965, and the war was ended by the Tashkent Declaration in January of 1966.
Peace in the region was kept until the Third…

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