Essay on Media And Its Impact On Society

2017 Words Dec 4th, 2016 9 Pages
The art of representation, though quiet and discreet, changes people’s perspective immensely. It acts like a potter who molds and shapes his creation; the representation of ideas controls human brains and reactions. It is rather absurd how representation has so much control over the way people think, act, speak, write and believe, but with the help of media, representation causes both positive and negative influences in different aspects of our culture from humanitarian aid to sports. The representation of people involved in and images associated with these events indirectly influences our understanding of the situation and thus, our beliefs and choices change. Living in this technologically advanced society, people need to be critical when dealing with knowledge from the news with the words and terms they use to the topics they cover such as humanitarian aid, sports and poverty. Moreover, people must show interest in these vital problems in society to increase the supply of relevant news.

Media plays a massive role in conveying different types of information to the public. Media representation is supposed to be trusted and they have high credibility, yet often times media abuses the power that they possess to manipulate the news. Through the studies conducted and data analysis, it shows that media often manipulates the true story behind humanitarian aid and are biased towards different stereotypes that exist in the nation. These twists of stories affect the way people…

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