The Role Of Gender In The Calendar And Media

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The purpose of this essay is to explore why female athletes choose to expose their bodies through revealing calendar and media. I will be evaluating the effectiveness of this strategy. The topic open many controversy of how sport and female athlete are socially construction through a hegemonic viewpoint. These hegemonic norms are being constructed by mostly sport industries and media. Although elite female athlete that promote their lascivious photo help with self-endorsement and media awareness. It sets the wrong image for young female athlete.
Female Athlete on effectiveness of exposed body Female athlete that choose to expose their bodies through revealing calendar because of financial reasoning. Female in the sport industry
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Gender bias is one of the most relevant hegemonic activities within sport and the media. Sport has been dominated by male athletics. Masculinity have almost become synonymous (Kane, 1989). Sport is socially constructed and we see this being constructed through a hegemonic masculine view. Sport originated, as a space for men to display their masculinity ( Dunning, 1986), and research (e. g. , Cooky, Messner, & Hextrum, 2013; Whiteside & Hardin, 2013) continues to emphasize that women in sport still find themselves as part of a stereotyped and marginalized minority. There is controversy of traditional gender stereotypes to be problematic in portraying female athletes given that such a practice emphasizes sexuality rather than athleticism.
Michael Foucault writing also highlight how bodies are constructed through variety of discourses such as medical, scientific, technical, sexual and sporting. However for some elite female athlete to obtain the thin is beauty norm, or to structure he perfect idealized body have to go through expansion of workouts, strict diets. For those who fail to obtain the idealized
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Despite the fact that female elite athlete having to be objectified through calendar or themselves through media, it does help with sponsorship and endorsement, to raise much needed money to sponsor their participation in competitive sport. However it set the wrong ideal and value into young female athlete, they have to be objective and sexualized or look apart to be athlete. Additionally they are essentially constructed not only females but males on how female athlete should not be taken

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