Essay on Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations

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Charles Dickens presents a multitude woman in Great Expectations who suffer socially, morally and professionally in the hands of men. Dickens provides powerful portraits of manipulative women, including, Mrs. Joe, Estella, Miss Havisham and Molly. In Great Expectation Dickens does not portray any pure “angels of the house”. Dickens however, portrays one singular character that could be considered morally stable and pure. The female character in most people’s eyes that is emotionally stable is Biddy. Other than Biddy, Dickens depicts women in his novel with little softness in their hearts. In his writing, Dickens tends to have very little sympathy to a typical Victorian female. Charles Dickens filled his novel with mutilated women. Why does Charles Dickens portray the overwhelming majority of the female characters in Great Expectations this way? Many believe Dickens was one of the great writers of all time. However, many suggested his depiction of women was unorthodox and could have been attributed to his personal experience with women in the 19th century.
Charles Dickens used a distinct, negative depiction of women and many critics of the time were not surprised. Charles Dickens stated in 1842 “Catherine is as near being a donkey as one of her sex can be” (Chilton). Catherine was Charles Dickens wife from 1836 to 1858. The couple was in love and married for a long time and had many kids together. Large numbers of people believe Dickens terrified and depressed Catherine.…

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