Essay on The Problem Of Undocumented Students

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The learners from families that do not have legal documents for residency in the United States of America are referred to as undocumented students (Perez P. 22). In other cases, they may be immigrants without parents who entered the United States illegally and have attained school-age. However, the undocumented students face several challenges due to financial, social and structural barriers in their pursuit of higher education (Kobach 478). In as much as there are huge barriers to accessing education for the undocumented students, they still make a significant contribution to the economy of the United States. In light of these facts, this paper will examine the struggles that the undocumented students undergo, their input to the economy, and suggest possible solutions to the problem facing undocumented students.
Financial Barriers
Undocumented students do not get federal funding which is a subsidy to education cost to students who are in the universities or colleges (Perez W. 24). Since the federal laws give room for states to decide on matters concerning the tuition and financial rates in the various colleges, the undocumented students do not get financial support to enable them to study in the universities. Instead, most states and colleges quote the illegibility of undocumented students as the reason for charging high tuition rates and denying undocumented students federal aid. In some states such as Alabama, South Carolina, and Georgia among…

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