The War Of The Vietnam War Essay

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Americans experienced many periods of crisis between the years of 1963-1974. Many problems occurred and the nation was faced with these problems during this time period. I will get into this in the coming paragraphs. This era also brought change to America’s culture and the way that we did things and once again I will get into this in the coming paragraphs. First I will get into some of the problems we faced as a nation during that era. Starting with a brief history during this time period and then get into the problems we ended up facing as a nation. The history of the United States from 1963 through 1974 includes the assassination of President John F. Kennedy , the climax and surprising victory of the Civil Rights Movement, even though there were plenty whites who were against it but, in the end it did end up working very well for most and all of the African Americans. Escalation and dramatic ending of the Vietnam War that we ended up in stalemate and there was really no clear outcome of a victor. Furthermore, there was the continuation of the Cold War and the tension that it created with everyone on its knees just hoping, everyday that we would not get blown up by Russia and, with the Space Race between America and the USSR (Russia) to put a man on the Moon. The economy was thriving and expanding until the recession of 1969-70. Our American society back then during this time period was contradicted by the ultimately futile war and its antiwar and anti-draft protests,…

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