Essay on A Interview And At The Same Time A Testimony Of Hector Jouve

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In 2004 the magazine La Intemperie published an interview and at the same time a testimony of Héctor Jouvé, a former Argentinian guerrilla member of the Ejército Guerrillero del Pueblo (EGP), an armed organization co-founded by Ernesto “Che” Guevara which operated in northern Argentina during 1963 and 1964. The group, despite being personally (but remotely) advised by Guevara, never performed any operation and was quickly dismantled by the regional police. However, during its brief operations several of the organization members died, at least two of them executed by the members of their own group. In his testimony, Jouvé narrates both executions and the reasons why, according to him, they occurred. The first one:
Precisely on that day Pupi’s (Adolfo Rotblat) trial occurs, a trial in which I did not take part. When we arrived, Massetti, who was our boss, informs us that he was going to be executed. I ask him why. And he tells me that Pupi wasn’t well, that his betrayal was only a matter of time, that he was behaving strange, making noise with pots and so on; that he was out of his mind. I also though he was in a bad state, but didn’t see him as a danger to us. The he says: “Well, it’s gonna be you who shoots him in the forehead”. I say I’m not going to shoot anyone and then my brother tells me to shut up. My brother was there and also Canelo, a guy who is in Cuba now. So the execution was made. I wasn’t there because I went out with the new guys (who didn’t know anything…

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